Create Intutive Online Shopping Experience With GroupBy

Build accessible and performance-driven web applications powered by GroupBy’s eCommerce solutions

Understand how we initiate prepping your site data, enrich it, and upload it to our engine. Also learn how this stitches back to giving you more power to control what your users see and browse.

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GroupBy Recommendations platform provides enhancements to your customer journey by showing trending products, popular search terms, suggesting alternative searches for null searches and a lot more driven by your users’ actions.

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Learn more about how beacons capture shoppers’ journeys on your site and the data from beacons helps us to power GroupBy's Search, Personalization, Recommendations, and Analytics.

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Measure your site's search performance with our Analytics tool. Identify underperforming and null searches, take immediate action, evaluate peformance of individual searches, and analyze your conversion matrix.

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User Guide

Learn more about how we transform your data to enable high conversion search results. Understand how beacons can help you analyze the performance of your search engine. See how much difference you can make to your search relevancy with zero coding using our Command Center. Read More

API Guide

Try different test formats (Shell, Go, JavaScript, Node, Obj-C, PHP, Python, and so on) for our APIs, a simulator that is configured to hit your area and collection allowing you to study the responses before you implement the APIs. Read More