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  • Version: 1.0
  • Host: {$$.env.customerid}
  • Protocols: https

The SAYT data and results are based off the configurations defined in the SAYT Upload file. This section will review how to query the SAYT endpoint to render keyword, navigation, and product suggestions.

Web Service API

There are two API calls that can be used to populate the autocomplete box on your website.

  • sayt/search (GET)
  • sayt/products (GET)

These calls are used internally by the sayt.js library to bring back the textual and product matches in the data generated in the uploaded data. The search endpoint returns navigation matches and search terms, and the product endpoint returns product matches.

Note: The sayt/products (GET) call has been deprecated. Product suggestions can be generated using the Search API, to ensure that the products suggested match the results returned when the shopper selects a search suggestion. For assistance with implementing product suggestions using the Search API, please contact GroupBy Support.

These endpoints support JSONP responses using the callback parameter ‘callback’.

  • sayt/search?callback=XXXXX (GET)
  • sayt/products?callback=XXXXX (GET)