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Key Management

As part of every query to the cloud, you identify that you are authorized to make that query (or upload a given file) by passing in a secret key. The secret key is generated in this Command Center section.


If you delete an existing key that is in use without coordinating with your web application owner, you will bring your site down. Please ensure that you have updated your application to use the new key before deleting old keys.

Why have secret keys?

In order to authenticate your website as being an authentic application working on your behalf, we use a secret, unique, generated key. This key validates that you are authenticated to access the system and should not be shared with anyone.

Why can you create multiple keys?

If you suspect someone is using your key to either upload or query data without your approval you can reset the key via Command Center. This is done in two steps: first, you create a new Primary Key. Both keys will be active, letting you migrate the legitimate application to use the new key. When ready, you can remove the old key, disabling any un-authorized agents.

You should not have to create multiple keys unless you need to invalidate access.