Analytics & Reports

Search Performance

This page gives you the following data insight once a shopper has searched for something on your website:

  • Number of unique searches
  • Number of products viewed from the search result
  • Number of products added to the cart
  • Number of products ordered

These metrics tells you how likely a shopper is to buy something based on the search result provided by your website. A few parameters can be:

  • Did they find what they were looking for?
  • Were the prices competitive?
  • Was the product in stock?

What does this page do?

Search Performance page will display two major trends:

  • Unique searches: This graph shows the search volume across the selected time range.
  • Conversion Funnel: This graph shows the Clickthrough, Add to Cart, and Conversion Rate % across the selected time range.

How is the data collected?

This data is collected by the GroupBy’s Beacons. Beacons are trackers that captures information once user clicks something or views something on your website. To view your website’s statistics, you will need to embed the beacon code in your application.

Filtering data

You can modify the chart by:

  1. Changing the time range to calculate the scores and volumes.
  2. Filtering the results set to specific Device types. This recalculates the metrics based on only the sessions that occurred on the chosen device type.