Analytics & Reports

Admin Change Logs


Users with admin access to Command Center can review all the changes made to the models (such as Rules, Zones, Biasing Profiles, and so on). To access admin Change Log, sign-in to Command Center and from the left-side menu, scroll down to History and click Change Log.

Change Log Search and Filters

On this page, you can:

  1. Search for change logs by specific Model Name or Model ID.

  2. Filter the change logs to review the details by:

    • Area: Select an area from the drop-down list
    • Page: Select a page (for example, Match Strategy, Area, Phrase, and so on) for which you would like to see the change logs.
    • User: Filter the change logs by the user who made modifications
    • Action: Select the type of action taken on a model (for example, create, delete, promote, single promote, or update)
    • Date Range: Select a date range for which you want to see the change log. By default, the date range is set to past 2 weeks. However, you can expand the date range up to past 90 days.
  3. Once you select all the filters, click Apply Filters for the results to update.

Viewing Change Logs

You can find the following details in the change logs:

  1. Timestamp: Date and time (in UTC) of change
  2. Area: Area in which the changes were made
  3. ID: Model ID, for example, Rule ID.
  4. Parent ID: In case of Single Promotion, it will display the ID of the model that was promoted to a different area
  5. Name: Model Name, for example, a new entry called Black Friday created under Biasing Profile.
  6. Page: Page on which changes were made, for example Match Strategy, Spelling, Stop Words, and so on.
  7. User: Email ID of the user who made the changes
  8. Action: The type of change made to the model (create, update, delete, single promote, promote)
  9. Comments: Auto-generated, describing the change

Viewing Admin Logs from Each Page

As an admin, if you are reviewing any change logs from a page in Command Center, you have an option to View More Logs which will navigate you to the Admin Change Logs section in Command Center:


A model is a new entry created under any page in Command Center. If you create a new biasing profile called “under $30 strategy”, the model name will be “under $30 strategy”. Model ID can be found in the URL as shown in the image below: