Analytics & Reports

Default Users Change Logs

Change log captures the modification made to the models (such as Rules, Zones, Biasing Profiles, and so on) in Command Center. It maintains a record of 100 recent revision made to a model in the span of last two weeks.

Change Log Details

Change logs for each model will show the following:

  • Timestamp: Date and time (in UTC) of change
  • User: Email of the user who made the changes
  • Action: The type of change made to the model (create, update, delete, single promote, promote)
  • Comments: Auto-generated comments for the change

Accessing Change Logs

Change logs can be accessed under each model in Command Center. For example, editing HolidaySale2019 rule:

  • Under Key Management, only ‘create’ and ‘delete’ will be logged as changes.
  • Reorders made to Dynamic Navigations are currently not tracked.