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Dynamic Navigation

Dynamic navigations provide refinements to your customers during their search or browse journey.

In this section of the Command Center you can create, edit, delete navigations, and control the default order of the available dynamic navigations.

The navigations returned will automatically be pruned if the refinements apply to all the available results. This can be controlled via a query-time control of pruning refinements. (Read more about this in the Search API section).

Navigations Versus Refinement

Any field that you marked as refinable in your upload configuration can be used for either creating a Dynamic Navigation, or refining on the fly (by passing in a filter with a Rule or a Query). (All fields are refinable by default, unless your upload configuration specifies otherwise).

You will need to create Dynamic Navigations if you want to have the counts of available refinements returned with the search results.

Area Versus Rule Level Navigations

Any navigations you want to define at Rule level need to be defined in the Dynamic Navigations first.

The Area level order of navigations will be used unless the order is defined at Rule level. Please see Sorting Dynamic Navigations for more.

Navigation Limits

You can create up to 250 navigations per Area.

The search response will return the top 50 navigations, by using the navigations that had available values returned, in this order:

  • Order in which they were defined in Command Center
  • Order defined in the bulk upload, when the precedence rules match
  • Bulk upload without precedence rules

Within each navigation, the search response will return up to 20 refinements. Your front-end can fetch more refinements by using the Refinements API, which will return up to 10,000 refinements.