Analytics & Reports

Personalization Overview

What is Personalization?

Personalization is the ability to provide products and searches that are tailored to your customer’s individual journey.

Our Platform provides a number of ways to personalize the journey:

How Do I Get Started?

Once you are beaconing event data, you will be able to use the Diagnostic APIs to validate that your data is correct and get access to these types of recommendations:

  1. Clickboost and Conversion-boost on your records
  2. Query recommendations (e.g. trending and popular searches)
  3. Navigation recommendations (e.g. more popular refinements)
  4. Product recommendations (e.g. bought-together products)

What Kind Of Personalization Can I Do Today?

Depending on the data that you choose to beacon you may be able to do more, or less. The more data and better metadata you choose to send, the more kinds of personalization can be powered.

In this section you can find articles on some of the tailored solutions that are possible to implement, but any valid combination of our APIs with the filters can be used to create truly unique solutions to your business case.