Analytics & Reports


Redirect - Search terms can be intercepted, and users re-directed to appropriate pages.

For example, a search for “shipping” will redirect the user to the shipping details page, as opposed to a results page for products with the word “shipping” such as shipping labels.

Multiple search terms can be entered using the following formatting.

  1. Values are separated by commas

     aaa, bbb, ccc
  2. Any value that includes double-quotes or commas must be enclosed in double-quotes

     aaa, "1,000", ccc
  3. If double-quotes are used to enclose a value, then a double-quote appearing inside a value must be escaped by preceding it with another double-quote

     aaa,bbb,"world's ""best"" product","""products"""

    would be the format for the values: aaa, bbb, world's "best" product, and "products"