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Baseline Updates

Creating a new collection

To create new collections you need to specify the collection name, via collection field, and ensure that the replaceCollection flag set to true with your first upload to that collection.


Baseline uploads that are successful (no errors returned) can be done as frequently as desired. The last most baseline upload to complete will be the one that will be reflected in the collection.

Best practices

Best practice for baseline updates is to execute a baseline update once a day or once a week. If your uploads are only done via partial updates, without a regular baseline there will be a gradual slow-down of the processing of your partial updates as well as search between the baselines.

Warning of replace collection in progress

This warning is generated if you try to upload a new baseline during a period of time when the prior baseline hasn’t started being processed. This typically happens when the previous baseline had an error, and the engine is still in progress of analyzing the prior upload.

The error will be cleaned up within 15 minutes and you will be able to try again.

{"status":{"code":420,"internalCode":0,"message":"Data file failed to parse","additionalInfo":"replace collection upload in progress, please try again later","serverTimestamp":1444066407342}}