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A collection is a set of data stored in GroupBy Cloud. When making a Search query, it is necessary to reference a collection and an area.

A limit of 20 collections per endpoint exists. If you require more, please reach out to your Project Manager or Customer Representative.

How to handle invalid records: failOnFirstError

By default, the upload service will try to upload as many records as possible. In the case that there are invalid records detected, it will show the information about the errors under the following two properties.

  • invalidRecordCount - the number of invalid records.
  • invalidRecordDetails - a list of errors in JSON array with each detailing the error of an invalid record.

In the case that invalid records are detected, the upload service will still return HTTP status code 200.

The engine will keep uploading until it encounters 100 invalid records.

You can make upload service fail on first invalid record by setting the following in the config.txt. In this case, the upload service will return HTTP status code 420 if any invalid record is found. We recommend that this setting is turned on in production to make catalog updates atomic.

  failOnFirstError: true