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Notification Settings

Notifications can be customized using the notificationSettings field, which currently supports

  • frequency configures how often notifications are sent in minutes. (default=10, minimum=5)
  • enabled configures whether notifications are sent. (default=true)
  • enabledForFullUploads configures whether notifications are sent for baseline updates. (default=true)
  • enabledForPartialUploads configures whether notificatoins are sent for partial updates. (default=false)
  frequency: 15
  enabled: true,
  enabledForFullUploads: true,
  enabledForPartialUploads: false,

Email Format: In progress

For each chunk you will get an email with the subject:

[IN PROGRESS] GroupBy: Upload Status - yourcollectioname

And the email body:

# chunks have been sucessfully indexed.

A chunk is all the records that fit into 50MB.

Email Format: Completion

Upon completion you will get an email with the subject:

[COMPLETED: SUCCESS] GroupBy: Upload Status - yourcollectioname