Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP) Beacons are designed to capture your shopper’s journey across platforms, stitch the whole picture together and provide more meaningful insights into your shopper’s behavior.

You can implement AMP beacons for your AMP websites, stories, ads, and emails.

With support for AMP beacons, GroupBy eases the process to link the shopper actions between your regular websites and AMP websites. Data captured by AMP beacons will be coupled with the Tracker beacons, stored and processed in GroupBy’s data warehouse.

All analytical insights will be generated by combining Tracker beacons data and AMP beacons data to provide a more hoslitic view for each shopper.

Learn more about AMP here.

Implementing AMP Beacons

Just like Tracker beacons, AMP beacons too will captures all shopper actions on your AMP website. For example, searching or browsing for a product, adding refinements to their search, viewing a product, adding or removing a product from the cart, viewing a cart, and ordering the items from the cart.

AMP Beacons can be implemented in two steps: