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About Beacons

What Is A Beacon?

Beacons is a piece of data sent from your ecommerce site to GroupBy, that describes an action a shopper performed on a page.

Beacons implementation is one of our primary step your onboarding process. Once beacons are in place, it takes our engines approximately two weeks to build resourceful data on your shopper’s journey.

Why Use Beacons?

Beacons capture shoppers’ journeys on your site and the data collected from these beacons allows you to understand shopper’s behavior through the Analytics tool. GroupBy’s Analytics tool uses the data to provide insights on:

  • What are the top searches
  • What are the top ‘no result’ searches
  • Which products are popular
  • Whether the products details are accurate
  • Which products are underperforming

This data allows you to fine tune your products and provide relevant recommendations to your shopper’s, thus creating an interactive experience for them while they access content on your website.

How Do Beacons Work?

In order to receive shopper’s data, you need to set up a beacon tracker. This tracker is a piece of code that you need to include in your web application and configure it on every page. When a shopper takes an action on your website, for example searches for something or clicks a product, the tracker will trigger and capture the user’s action. This captured information is then stored in a beacon which will be sent to GroupBy in the form of HTTP requests, which we ingest and store in an analytics data warehouse.

GroupBy Products Powered By Beacon Data

  • The ClickBoost and ConversionBoost features in our core Search product ensures that products that get viewed and bought often appear higher up in search results.

  • We use View Product and Order beacons to count how many times every product is viewed and ordered and feed this information to our search engine multiple times a day.

  • ClickBoost and ConversionBoost need the View Product and Order events that contain the Product ID field that matches the Product ID passed into Search via Stream or ETL.

Enabling Beacons On Your Site

Pick the correct beacon type to implement:

Tracker Beacons

Tracker beacons are designed to capture your shopper’s action on your e-commerce websites. They can be implemented once:

  • You have begun to use GroupBy Search on your site, and
  • You have signed some form of contract with GroupBy for our services

AMP Beacons

AMP beacons are designed to function on your AMP powered sites, mobile sites, and mobile apps.

Demo Beacons

Demo beacons are designed to sync your existing search engine and Groupby products. Implement Demo beacons if:

  • You have not begun to use GroupBy Search on your site
  • You have been asked by your Customer Success Director at GroupBy to implement beacons on your site to power GroupBy demos