Installing Beacon Tracker

Adding Beacon Events

Testing Beacons

Verify Beacons Sent

Verify Beacons Health

Installing Beacon Tracker

Follow the below steps to install the GroupBy tracker to your website:

  1. Add tracker script
  2. Instantiate the GbTracker
  3. Verify tracker installation

Step 1: Add Tracker

Apps that use a bundler like Webpack can import the tracker from NPM.

npm install gb-tracker-client
Add the Beacons Tracker JavaScript to each of your website’s HTML pages.

<script src=""></script>

Step 2: Instantiate GbTracker

import GbTracker from 'gb-tracker-client';

// call autoSetVisitor before using the tracker instance

const gbTracker = new GbTracker('CustomerID', 'Area'); gbTracker.autoSetVisitor('loginID');
Place this code below the Event Tracker JavaScript added in Step 1.

// call autoSetVisitor before using the tracker instance

var gbTracker = new GbTracker('CustomerID', 'Area'); gbTracker.autoSetVisitor('loginID');
Parameter Type Required? Description
CustomerID String Yes Your GroupBy Customer ID.
Area String Yes GroupBy area such as Production, Staging, Demo, and so on.

Call the autoSetVisitor to configure the Visitor ID and Session ID cookies before using the tracker instance.

  • If the values for the Visitor ID and Session ID cookies are already set, the tracker instance uses them while sending the beacon. The cookies reset to the existing values but with new expiry dates.

  • If values for the cookies do not exist, new values are generated and set with expiry dates. When set, the Visitor ID cookie expires in 10 years and the Session ID cookie expires after 30 minutes of shopper inactivity.

autoSetVisitor has an optional parameter for the LoginID.

Parameter Type Required? Description
LoginID String No Hashed client information as stored in your database.

Including the shopper’s username helps GroupBy track the shopper’s journey across devices. Hash this value before setting it in the tracker to comply with data privacy laws.

Step 3: Verify tracker installation

To verify that the tracker is successfully installed, navigate to your browser’s developer tools.

  • Chrome: Press CTRL + SHIFT + J while viewing the page to debug

  • Firefox: Press CTRL + SHIFT + K while viewing the page to debug

  • Microsoft Edge: Press F12 while viewing the page to debug

Look for the GbTracker constructor in the developer console. To quickly locate the constructor, start typing gbtracker in the console prompt.

If you see nothing helping you autocomplete the tracker’s constructor name, it wasn’t installed correctly.

Incorrect Installation

If you see the name gbtracker autocompleted for you, it was installed correctly.

Correct Installation