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A container for an unordered list of items.

Provided Aliases: $list, $item, $i

The names of $item and $i depend on the values passed as props for itemAlias and indexAlias respectively.


<gb-list items="{ ['shirts', 'pants', 'shoes'] }">
  { $i }: { $item }


Property Type Default Description
items any[] [] The values to render in the list.
itemAlias string item The name each item will be aliased as.
indexAlias string i The name each index will be aliased as.
layout string 'list' The layout of the items. Valid values are list and grid.
shouldRender function item: any. A method which, if provided, will be called for each item in items, passing it as item.
If true is returned, the relevant content will be rendered. Otherwise it will be skipped.


This component does not have any properties in state.


This component does not listen for any events.