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Personalization features are configured here.

Property Type
realTimeBiasing object


Option for creating biasing profiles in real-time based on user’s selection of refinements. To activate, provide attributes to the configuration.

Property Type Default Required
attributes object
maxBiases number 25 Yes
strength string ‘Medium_Increase’ Yes
expiry number 14 Yes
autocomplete boolean true


Option for applying real-time biasing to a specific attribute.

Property Type
[attribute_name] object


Settings for a specific attribute to be biased.

Property Type
maxBiases number
strength string


The max number of keys for a specific attribute before trimming happens.

Max number of biases

We highly recommend that you set the max number of biases to be less than the amount of possible options in a refinement category. For example, if there are 5 options in the ‘color’ category, then set the max biases for ‘color’ to be 4 or less.


The biasing strength for bias keys within this attribute. See addBias for more information. Uses global strength if not provided.


The max number of keys over all attributes before trimming happens.


The global biasing strength for bias keys. See addBias for more information.


How long a refinement will continue to be biased for in days. A refinement’s expiration time is reset to this value every time the refinement is selected.


Whether to also apply realTimeBiasing on autocomplete product results in addition to search product results.

An example realTimeBiasing object:

realTimeBiasing: {
  attributes: {
    'color': {
      strength: 'Strong_Decrease',
      maxBiases: 2
    'productThumbnail.brand': {
      maxBiases: 3
  maxBiases: 4,
  strength: 'Strong_Increase',
  expiry: 7