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Attributes you set on your tags will be available as props from within your tags.

<gb-container title="{ 'my-tag' }">
  <h1>{ props.title }</h1>

Therefore, any of the properties available on components can be accessed through the props object.

For example, using the gb-breadcrumbs component:

<gb-breadcrumbs labels="{ { results: 'Showing results for' } }">
  <div if="{ state.originalQuery }">{ props.labels.results }: { state.originalQuery }</div>

Properties don’t have to be listed on the components page to be passed down to components. You can create a new property and access it through props from within your component. However, the properties that are listed in each component section may already be used by the component or used within child components. For example, the gb-original-query child component of gb-breadcrumbs accesses the labels.results and labels.noResults properties and displays their contents.